Legless in Dublin is a newsletter brought to you by journalist, author, playwright, DJ and wheelchair user Louise Bruton. Covering areas of access and disability, Louise offers reviews and personal essays that champion disabled people and educate non-disabled people.

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Every single post here will be behind a paywall, and the only people who get to read these posts for free are disabled people.

For years, I have been treated as an expert on access and disability, but now I am setting a rate for non-disabled people. Employment and social opportunities are not the same for me as they are for you, and I need to drown out the noise in my inbox when you ask me about access, diversity and inclusion, forgetting that this is my life.

A wise woman once told me that I am not an education programme on demand, but for a fiver a month, I am happy to share the wisdom.

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On request, I will send life-long subscriptions to members of my community. Because the way the world is designed, we can rarely congregate in person, so I’m hoping that Legless in Dublin will serve you well.

You can contact me on Twitter (@luberachi) or on Instagram (@itsloubru) to request free access. All I need to set you up is your email address.

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